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I Think I Have The End Scene Of Joker Movie 2019 Explained!

Joker, despite its infamous reputation with the media, is honestly a work of art. I’ve recently been talking about the movie with some friends and thinking more about what each scene meant, and of course the one scene that has had everyone puzzled, including myself, was the last scene with the Joker back at what looks to be an asylum. At first glance, with all the delusions that Arthur experienced, it was one that left people wondering if the events in the movie actually happened. Well, I think I may have figured out what that last scene meant. I may not be the only one, but when it clicked to me, I had to share it.

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BORUTO Episode 129 Really Highlighted Something About The Quality Of The Anime In Comparison To The Original Naruto

Man! I don’t usually keep up with the Boruto anime (reading the manga currently), but episode 129 showed something that I didn’t know I needed but now grateful, which is Boruto meeting up with Naruto when he was a child. However, I won’t be addressing the actual episode itself, but more so the aesthetic of the episode and how it highlights the stark difference between the original Naruto anime and the new Boruto anime.