Threads, a new app built by the Instagram team for sharing text updates and joining public conversations launched two days ago and has already gained over 30 million users on its platform. Now the question on everyone’s mind (that cares) is, will Threads app be able to best Twitter and center itself as the new hub of online communications?

I feel Threads might have the advantage here, given its timing on the market after Elon’s takeover of Twitter. Ever since Elon acquired Twitter, he has made one decision after another that seems to benefit his ego and agenda more, rather than the benefit of the platform’s health as a whole. He also led to massive walkouts from prominent programmers who weren’t happy with how he led the team so far. To put it simply, Elon is turning Twitter into a gatekeeping platform that only benefits people with deep pockets.

This has frustrated many users of the platform, even to the point where many have sought alternatives like BlueSky and Mastadon, with little success. See, having other platforms competing with Twitter is one thing, convincing the right types of people with influence to actually move their entire business over there is another thing. This is where I feel Threads has the advantage here.

Thread uses your Instagram account to log in and posts up to 500 characters long text that include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. I should mention that one major red flag when it comes to opening a Threads account is that once you open an account, for some reason you can’t close it. Not to mention that the permissions that Threads are asking for are beyond intrusive, which is why it’s not currently allowed in some European countries yet. However, if you don’t care for such things then you’re good.

Anyways, Threads also has the advantage of being a new platform, backed by Facebook. Of course, many of us aren’t too happy with Facebook, or Meta, but a billion-dollar company is billion dollar company and it can afford to fund Threads. That alone puts it leads and bounds ahead of any other competitor on the market. Not to mention it has the social graph of Instagram, which is a massive advantage.

This is one of the reasons why Elon threatened to sue Threads, as he accuses Facebook of hiring the engineers and programmers that walked out, fearing trade secrets have been leaked. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, what is true is that Elon recognizes the platform as a threat.

And finally, let’s be real if enough influencers and well-cool liberal people move to Threads, Twitter could find itself catching the title of the far-right platform in the foreseeable future. A place for people to come and post hateful comments and spread misinformation. Advertisers will completely leave the platform, in fear of being associated with such a place. And anyone that has sponsors who don’t align with those views will likely steer clear of Twitter if it ends up like that. The only reason why anyone is on Twitter is for the people, and that’s it. Well, that’s my thoughts, overall I believe Threads will replace Twitter.

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