“Rise of Rebellion” is a 3D-action RPG that pursues the tension of confronting strong enemies and sweating on your hands. People worshiped God and the land where God dwelled.

“Rise of Rebellion” is a single-player 3D-action RPG that pursues strategicity through operations during battle. The hero fights with the invaders he encounters on the island in order to regain his invaded hometown.
The basis of the battle is close combat with a sword, but with the energy “May” derived from the earth, you can transfer the thrown sword to your hand again or use a technique that is advantageous for battle.
However, if you use Mei too much, you will be incapacitated for a certain period of time due to the wrath of the god of the earth. That dilemma further increases the strategic nature of the battle.
Please experience the “link feeling” that makes you sweat on your hands while confronting strong enemies.

“If God exists, he must be a jealous God. The dragons that once aimed at the sky were extinct due to the earth’s punishment. People worshiped God and the land where God dwelled. The earth was full of “May”, and the warriors who mastered it were called “Manus”. You fight to regain your hometown as a Manus.

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