Outliver: Tribulation is a third-person survival horror game set in a fictional supernatural realm of African mythology about a soldier on the run from terrorists who mysteriously finds herself in the middle of an ancient ritual.

You play as Bola, a special ops team member, who has to explore, solve riddles, scavenge and manage limited resources as she battles mythological demons in a quest to survive and make it back to her realm.


  • Single player.
  • Third Person Perspective.
  • Game-pad support.
  • Intense battles with mythological demons.
  • Use various charms at your disposal to help stay alive.
  • Night vision for when in the darkest parts of the worlds.
  • Photo-realistic art style to keep players grounded.
  • Minimalist clutter free UI to keep players immersed.
  • Navigate the maps of the world via teleportation.
  • Localization in multiple languages.
  • Voice over dialog to add to realism.

It’s not too often you see a horror game based on African mythology so this may yield some interesting results. It’s still in development but so far from what I saw, it’s looking pretty good.

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