Tenet Of The Spark is a linear story-driven third-person that proposes an interesting mechanic, the ability to travel in time mid-battle.

This is the story of a guy named Will and his big fight. He finds himself in a difficult challenge from which it is hard to escape. He is trying to find his spark through the power of his ancestors. A rising boxing star gets a terrible injury but gains incredible strength from his ancestors. He learns to control this gift and to make sense of the unresolved traumas of his past generations.

Switch between your ancestors to experience new characters, new game worlds, and new game mechanics with each new person you play for.

Choose the best strategy to pass each level switching between shooting, hand combat, stealth, or the best combination of all three. Imagine a unique world full of detailed and artistic animation and high vision. The game idea sounds really cool and innovative, so I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. I hope we might see more timelines explored than the one shown.

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