WE KILL MONSTERS is an adventure game for up to four players. Players descend into a mysterious, massive, interconnected pit with their only known goal being to reach its bottom.

Honestly, I stumbled upon this game on Twitter four times before I finally decided to check it out. It seems the algorithm really wanted me to see We Kill Monsters. WE KILL MONSTERS, an upcoming co-op adventure/journey simulation game being developed by Jacob Williams, a.k.a. Glass Revolver, Ali Eser, Lateralis, Yan Spencer, and Biano Lima, taking inspiration from games like Journey and Death Stranding. The goal of WE KILL MONSTERS is to simulate the feeling of a long and arduous journey as you navigate the depths of the pit.

There really isn’t much news aside from the regular post that Glass Revolver makes on their Twitter account, shower the premise of WE KILL MONSTERS sounds really cool. It reminds me of the anime Made in Abyss, with the same premise of an enormous pit cave system called the “Abyss” and how the main characters how dive deeper to uncover its secrets. Adding the fact that it has four player co-op makes it even more appealing.

The graphics look really good, there’s something about its atmosphere when you watch those demos, and it’s partly why I decided to look deeper into the game. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product in the new future.

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