We’re back with another look at a promising indie game that I have stumbled across on the internet called AIKODE, an upcoming NieR-style action-adventure game made by a solo developer.

From what I was able to gather in my brief research of the game, Aikode puts you in the shoes of Aiko, a human-like android suffering from amnesia as she tries to regain her memories while traversing a bizarre futuristic world. The game is still currently in development and has been for almost two years now, however, I’m highlighting the game today because, for a solo-developed game, it actually looks quite impressive.

The game even got noticed by Yoko Taro himself, and thank the creator for being a massive fan of the NieR franchise. That in itself speaks to the potential quality of this game. I look forward to seeing more of Aikode as the days go by and wish the creator all the best in their future endeavor regarding Aikode.

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