After the recent Boruto Chapter 73 revealed so much new information, I think I finally have figured out Amado’s true plan, and honestly why Kawaki betrayed the village!

Amado talks about wanting to bring back his dead daughter Akebi, however, something about that plan doesn’t add up. His reasoning for why he failed is that despite downloading the data of her memory, he realized that without her soul which resides in the Pure Land, bringing back Akebi is something that is beyond man’s capabilities. It is only possible by gods. Which would have made sense, if it wasn’t for the fact that in the world of Naruto, there are plenty of ways to bring back someone from the dead. Whether it’s the Rinnegan’s “rebirth” jutsu, edo tensei, or simply using the life-giving technique that Chiyo created. The means of bringing back someone is there and given Amado’s insane knowledge of the world and scientific background, something like these jutsus mentioned would be accessible to him. If Orochimaru can recreate Sharigans and place them in clones, the Amado could surely find and develop a Sharingan into a Rinnegan and utilize the rebirth Jutsu. No, Amado may have wanted to initially bring back his daughter but somewhere along the way he lost interest and pursued something far grander, godhood.

Yes, I believe that Amado is likely pursuing godhood in order to achieve some other goal yet to be made clear, and Kawaki’s Karma seal is in the key. What is the true intention of Amado? I believe that Amado may have wanted to bring back his daughter however, after meeting Jigen and learning of their way, he may have grown interested in mimicking their technique, hence why he replicated a Karma seal for Kawaki. I believe that Kawaki is slowly being reprogrammed from the inside with Amado’s data becoming his perfect host. The only problem is how he’s going to do it. Will either Kawaki’s consciousness die in the process or is Kawaki’s memory being rewritten like Akebi, essentially becoming a completely new person that will serve Amado? Only time will tell.

However, knowing that there’s a path to godhood in the world of Naruto, makes it clear that Amado is aiming for that and needs Kawaki for it. This is why when Boruto saw the future and saw how his friends reacted to it, it may imply that there’s a timer on Kawaki that will trigger the closer we get to Amado’s plan. One thing’s for sure, Amado is not planning on resurrecting his daughter but aiming for godhood to either achieve some twisted noble feat like turning humans into evolved versions of themselves or cure all sickness by force due to the trauma of losing his daughter.

What is the plan of Amado in Boruto? Basically, he’s Orochimaru 2.0, however, unlike Orochimaru, he believes that he’s found a way to attain not only immortality but 5th-dimensional powers as well. Boruto’s eye, being akin to that of Shibai Otsutsuki might be the key to breaking the cycle of godhood once and for all which ties in nicely to the whole god-thing. Or it might be that by fusing his daughter’s DNA with Isshiki’s latent power in the white karma, his real goal is to possibly transform Kawaki into a vessel for his child while also ensuring that he gets the power level of an Otsutsuki. I mean that’s only if Amado has no way of becoming one himself.

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