Well, that’s interesting! YouTuber CoryxKenshin recently made a video, highlighting what he believes to be clear evidence of YouTube being biased in its handling of their policies, which gets immediately age-restricted. Smells kinda fishy if you ask me!

Although CoryxKenshin is facing this type of alleged discrimination, this is nothing new for Black creators (along with non-white creators), as many in the past have echoed similar complaints. The same can be said for platforms like Tiktok and Twitter. I just think it’s interesting what happened with CoryxKenshin, how all he did was try and get YouTube to explain the age restriction to avoid it. Instead, he uncovers a biased towards his channel, with led to the video below.

YouTube player

And to put the icing on the cake, the call-out video was also age-restricted. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just the word Racism that triggered the restriction or not, but if it was a manual restriction like the first case, then it does not make YouTube look good.

Black content creators often go through a different kind of hurdle, especially if they’re successful on the platform. That being that, if they call out racism, many will likely push back with “you’re successful, how are you experiencing racism by YouTube” immediately downplaying their experience. So, it’s very impressive and commendable for Cory to actually speak out, as noted by him saying he had to carefully consider it before dropping the vid. His comments on that video have many notable YouTubers supporting him and sharing their past with YouTube so it’s interesting to see how this will play out.

It’s still unclear whether it is racism at play or if there’s someone on the policy team that has it out for Cory, but an investigation is certainly needed.

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