Yep! You read that right. I believe the real reason why Frieza trained for ten years, is to prepare to overthrow the Gods and put himself at the top apex of the universe in Dragon Ball Super.

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Frieza explains how he was able to achieve the Black Frieza state. After training in another Hyperbolic Time Chamber that he found on one of his conquered planets for 10 years, he achieved a new power. The form’s power greatly exceeds that of the Golden Frieza form. Not only that but also Gokus’ new Ultra Saiyan Instinct Mode and Ultra Ego. This right here brought up the question as to why Frieza didn’t just kill both Goku and Vegeta on the spot. I mean when he achieved Golden Form, he rushed toward Earth to test his new powers and kill the Saiyans. This time, he just punched them and left. One reason could be that he has learned from his mistake and decided to get used to his newfound powers first before seeking vengeance. However, I have a different theory.

I believe that Frieza showing up was a proclamation of “I am the strongest now” to both Goku and Vegeta, but more importantly, to Beerus. I have no doubt that Beerus would be likely interested in seeing or fighting this newfound power that Frieza has unlocked. Frieza on the other hand is thinking of something else, something grander. He is now aware of other universes, universes that have not yet been conquered. And as a natural conqueror, he’ll likely seek those universes out. That’s one reason I believe will lead him to cross paths with the gods of those universes. And Frieza being Frieza will flex his authority and start killing off the gods, leading to a fight with Beerus and possibly the angela. In fact, we have not either what would happen if someone actually manages to kill a god. Do they become the next god of destruction or are the angel forced to take action?

That’s my guess anyways. I mean ever since Beerus and Whis were introduced, they’ve done nothing aside from training Goku and Vegeta. So with this arc, there’s now an even greater high stake at hand as I now believe that Frieza has eclipsed Goku in strength to the point that only Beerus now stand a chance at stopping the mad tyrant. Well, that if Beerus is even interested in fighting.

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