Once a week, (no really) there’s always a heated debate about whether games PS5, XBX and PC games should cost the average gamer $70! It’s not that serious but people are talking so I wanted to add my own two cents to it.

Now, let’s start with those that are defending the $70 price tag. From what I was able to gather, the primary argument that people seem to be making is that given though most people have paid for an expensive gaming console, high-end PC, and a power-house monitor, $70 shouldn’t be a problem or it’s the industry new standard so get over it. It ranges around those sentiments. And they’re not wrong on the latter part. If the industry decided that $70 is the new standard, you only have two options, buy now or wait for cheap.

The people defending it seem to have just accepted it as part of a natural order of sorts and don’t see a point in complaining. Kinda like a “lay back and take it” approach. Now on the other side of the argument are those that are saying that the steep price jump is getting too much, and it’s coming across as an attempt to squeeze as much money from gamers as they possibly can get away with, without causing a backlash. With PC gamers even saying that they’ll start pirating games. Let’s be real, PC gamers are already pirating games, they just looking for a moral excuse to justify stealing but lets move on.

Now the discussion for a $70 per game is nothing new, gamers saw the signs coming from far away with Playstation being the pioneer of this trend, and those against the price tag worry that soon other game studios will follow suit. Like with the whole microtransaction trend. Despite many gamers’ grievances with monetization at the time, nowadays most have accepted it, so long as it doesn’t impact the game in any negative way. I feel the same may be true with the $70 for games. Those who are for the price, or at the very least OK with it argue that if the game can provide the value to match the price, then they are fine shelling the coins. To them, it’s a case-by-case scenario. As it has always been. Some games come at $50, some at $29. It all depends on what the studio thinks they can get away with. And it seems Playstation realized that gamers will pay for the $70 for games, thus are willing to put their games at that price.

If I’m being honest, it’s a pointless discussion with a simple solution. Game studios need your money to survive, so if you don’t like the $70 games price tag, then don’t purchase it. As competition works, other studios will see this and lower their price for their games to be competitive. However, if the studio is providing a solid value for $70 and gamers are happy to pay to get more, then there’s no need to get angry.

So to simplify it, either wait for a sale or don’t cop it.

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