Racism and pedophilia in the anime community are nothing new to most of us! At times, the two are mutually connected. If you find someone online being racist, there’s a 75% chance that they’re fawning over a child-like character. Whether you are on Twitter or Tiktok, there’s no doubt you’ve come across some form of disgusting rhetoric online.

What spurred this discussion today for me was a Spy x Family cosplay. Allow me to share with you the cosplays of Yor Forger that blew up:

As you can see, it’s your typical Yor Forger cosplay. The lady in question did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of the character’s charm. There’s nothing here to suggest the person meant any harm other than to share her cosplay with the community. However, although now when you go to the post it’s bombarded with positive comments, initially, she was met with an onslaught of harassment and racism! It’s almost unfathomable how braindead people get when a Black/African person COSPLAYS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

These weirdos in our community have this twisted mindset that a character is “ruined” when a person of darker complexion cosplays as them, and thus try to “gatekeep” them out by being as vile as humanely possible. This means attacking them and sending death threats to try and scare them out of the community. Oftentimes, they actually really want to kill them in real life, all for daring to cosplay as their favorite character.

Not to mention that they also try to gaslight people by referring to it as “culture appropriation”! There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe just how idiotic it is to believe that cosplay is a cultural appropriation of any kind.

It’s all a guise to allow them to voice their distaste for Black people enjoying anime, or being in anime at all. Then they’ll turn around and have the audacity to downplay that the anime community does not have a racism or pedophilia problem. It’s quite disgusting!

This goes beyond just cosplay, literally, anything that remotely has Black people in proximity to anime is a major problem with them. From anime characters being voiced by a Black person to them going to conventions, it’s all a problem for them. Heck, new IP’s with original characters that are Black bother them so much that they would send death threats to creators for daring to use the art form like that. These racist people are parasites in the community, and it’s high time we learned how to permanently exterminate them.

Now, I did bring up pedophilia in the discussion too. As I was investigating all the Twitter/Tiktok accounts that were leaving those nasty comments, I was shocked to see a high content of pedo activity on their page. It honestly shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, seeing as anime sometimes is ripe with little girls being caught in odd and comprising positions. And yet, it’s never frowned upon, but instead celebrated by these kinds of people.

Identifying a problem is one thing, but solving the problem is another. Honestly, the best way to fight these types of people is to continue talking about their disgusting behavior. Quite frankly, we need to gatekeep racism and pedophilia out of the anime community, with high intensity! Shame them! Blast them on social media, and highlight everything disgusting they’ve ever done, so that people are aware of their nature.

This is a never-ending war, and it’s a war we have no intention of losing!

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