It seems things arent are looking too good for Netflix these past few days, and after losing a substantial amount of subscribers. Netflix has had to make a tough decision to fight back, which to me seems to have triggered an even further cancellation of subscribers! Could this be the end of Netflix?

According to The Wrap,

Series that benefited from great word-of-mouth and critical praise aren’t being renewed and several high-profile projects have been unceremoniously canceled, including the long-delayed adaptation of Jeff Smith’s beloved comic book series “Bone” (first announced back in 2019). Netflix, which just saw its stock plummet more than 30% after revealing a subscriber and revenue loss during its first-quarter earning report Tuesday, isn’t just in trouble on Wall Street. It’s also facing complications in Toon Town.

Honestly, Netflix brought this mess upon themselves. They never promoted their new shows, rarely ever had the completed series of any shows, and always canceled projects after season one along with a whole plethora of other issues which is part of the reason why many Netflix subscribers have decided that they’ve had enough of their money burning away! And with inflation going on a rampage across the world, people have become more cautious of where their money is going! It’s a shame, we may be witnessing the absolute collapse of Netflix in the near future, something similar to Blockbuster. I always knew duping a show’s entire episodes was never a great model that would last long!

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