So talks of both Sony & Microsoft reportedly planning to put ads in their games are growing rampant! However, before people rush to the conclusion that this may impact single-player games, no it’s not! It seems that these ads will be placed in free-to-play games! And honestly, despite the popular belief of hating ads, I don’t see it as that big of a deal…yet!

Sony is cooking up plans to run ads in PlayStation games as rival Microsoft plans a similar program with Xbox! So we should be expecting to see these new monetization models in action by the end of the year! The gaming community is already pushing back against that idea, mostly out of fear of this business model creeping into single-player games. However, I don’t see that happening, as that would be basically self-deleting your own game at that point. Especially a popular and beloved franchise. For free-to-play games, it actually makes sense. In my opinion anyways. So long as the ads aren’t intrusive, and are cleverly placed where they don’t become obnoxious, I say go for it. In order for free-to-play games to survive, they can’t keep relying on the 10% whales to fund their cost. They gotta find other ways to stay sustainable.

However, adding ads to games isn’t as simple as it sounds. First, you’ll need to convince advertisers to participate in the program, and we know how selective these people are when it comes to placing their product in a game that may end up being controversial tomorrow. Then there’s not pissing off gamers who obviously want to play their games without ads whatsoever. I mean, for does who play on PC, this really isn’t a big deal, but for those that are playing a subscription cost to play online consoles, well it may come as an annoyance to be paying these yearly fees, and still see ads. Not to mention that ads in any game often times lower that premium feel that other games have. On the hand, the cost of making these games free ain’t cheap, and many gamers aren’t willing to play the microtransaction game so they’re leaving these developers with little choice in that matter. Anyways let me know what you think!

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