In a piece of not-so-shocking news, E3 is officially canceled. That means not even a digital event will take place! Many see it as a nail in the coffin for the gaming event, but I feel like it may be a good opportunity for E3 to reevaluate what they need to do next! And that’s a BIG maybe!

The ESA announced that they will be no longer be hosting E3 2022! E3 has had a rocky last few years and the pandemic didn’t make things easier for the gaming event. It’s kinda sad to see one of the major gaming events go out like that, but with the digital age, and how game companies have realized that they can just hold their own events, for cheap too, E3 kinda lost its purpose!

However, E3 2023 has been confirmed by ESA to be a thing so I guess all hope isn’t lost yet. The question now then is what can ESA do to maintain relevancy. If you ask me, they should go back to being an exclusive place for game media and game influencers. Being an open platform from what I’ve heard has made it that much more difficult to get to the games to try them out. And honestly, most of us watch E3 for two reasons, to see the games and to hear the professionals talk about said games in their preview. But that’s just my opinion, just glad that at least they’re not giving up.

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