We got some new Webtoon originals to check out! Today we’re taking a look at Double Click, an e-sport webtoon about a melee-oriented game!

What happens when you lose the one thing that you were the best in the world at? Jiho Seong was once a top-ranked player in the online action game, One Sword. When the game eventually shuts down due to a lack of players, he loses all interest in competitive gaming. That is, until he finds out that his school has an e-sports club and discovers a popular team-based game called Sword Rush, which seems to be an exact copy of One Sword. With new teammates now by his side, Jiho takes another shot at rising to the top of the game!

The art isn’t anything to scoff about but I gotta say, I already like the characters and the comedic dynamic from their interaction. Although there are only three episodes out so far, the pacing is pretty well done. It’s worth checking out if you’re into gaming and e-sports. This webtoon has that OP main character vibe to it, but this time the main MC actually earned his skills from a different game so it should be interesting to see if he’ll be able to transfer what I assume to be god-like skill to this new game.

Overall, this seems like it has the potential to do well over time but we’ll have to see! I like it since it’s in my field of interest so I’ll keep checking it out!

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