YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick a.k.a. TotallyNotMark has been hit severely by a copyright claim by Toei Animation, taking down 150 of his videos. This essentially has destroyed years of his work, something that Mark has calculated would take him 32+ years to restore back! I wanted to talk about that and what we could learn from such a horrific event.

What happened to Mark, has been happening to other content creators for years now, unfortunately creating a could of fear and uncertainty. With the way YouTube has set up their copyright claim system, it gives power to just about anyone to claim any video and effectively cut off creators’ money supply and reach, killing the video. And with enough strikes, three in total, one’s channel can easily be deleted, never to be restored!

Youtube has yet to address this problem that YouTubers have brought up, and companies since have abused it to the point of ridiculousness. And none are more notorious than Japanese companies, in this case, being Toei Animation. While the Japanese Copyright Law does lack a general fair use provision, there are certain legal cutouts to allow for parody and private use, as well as for reproductions for schools and libraries. However, it seems they don’t care when the rules are followed. Backward in their ways, instead of seeing the benefits of YouTubers promoting their content for free, they rather just block it completely.

It goes to show you that even if you do everything by the book, you never know when you might lose everything you’ve built up. Thus, it is important to diversify your income. YouTube should NEVER be your prime income, not in its current state! Your end goal is to diversify your income so that another income can become your prime. What happened to Mark is horrible and I can’t imagine the pain and anxiety that he’s going through right now.

YouTube also has yet to address his situation, and Mark has been keeping everyone updated on his Twitter account!

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