Remember when Goku first turned into a god in order to fight Beerus? Yeah, that was pretty damm dope at the time. It opened up new doors for Goku (and later Vegeta) to possibly face off new threats that required God ki to beat. However, looking back at it now I’m starting to wonder if God Ki is even that powerful or even needed in the first place!

God ki, according to Dragon Ball Super lore is an exceptionally pure quality of ki used only by divine beings. When obtain and mastered, it grants the user the immerse boost in power. With that premise, you would think that only people with god ki can rival other god ki users. Nope, throughout its introduction, specifically after Resurrection of F, god ki has been undermined by literally every villain that has ever shown up. What makes it worse is that most of these villains all had normal ki. Frieza, Hit, Jiren, and everyone else that showed up at the tournament of power, not only were able to keep up with God ki, but even showed the potential of being a threat and surpassing it.

We were told that it is impossible to sense God ki by beings in possession of ordinary ki, yet Hit could sense the divine power of Goku despite having seemingly no divine power of his own. He was even able to keep up with him, forcing Goku to push Supper Saiyan Blue into Kaioken. Honestly speaking, God ki was a mistake to have been introduced into the Dragon Ball universe in its current state. It serves no purpose other than to sell merchandise. Look, I know the IDEA of god ki is cool, but if we’re gonna have this concept, I’d expect that only people with divine powers should pose a threat to Goku and Vegeta at this point. Had they just learned more into the Saiyan gene and just came up with some excuse that the Saiyan gene allowed one’s ki to keep growing, that would’ve been better. It would also explain how Broly is so that damm to the point of keeping up with Super SAIYAN BLUE!!

Anyways, let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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