A new shonen manga by the name of DORON DORORON has just dropped and it’s about a wannabe monster slayer that gets his chance when he meets a strange being called a Mononoke.

Humans are under threat from mysterious monsters called mononoke. Dora Sasaki is unbeatable in a fight, and in order to keep a promise to his deceased mother, he aspires to be an anti-mononoke samurai. However, everything changes when he meets a kind-hearted mononoke named Kusanagi. Welcome to this dark fantasy story of humans and monsters!

I won’t lie, the first chapter was pretty generic! Nothing stood out for me that made me go “huh this is new”, which isn’t to say it’s a bad thing, but more so to say it’s playing it really safe! The main character Dora is your very typical and generic high schooler who gets into a lot of fights a lot but manages to graduate high school to keep his promise to his late mother.

In this world, monsters exist and one of them killed his mother. So to keep another promise that he made to her, he tries to enroll to become a samurai, beings with extraordinary powers, and the only ones capable of killing a Mononoke. Surprise, surprise, he lacks in something that is needed to come to a Samurai, magical talent. Then he runs into a friendly Mononoke that lacks strength but wants to create a world of peace ad kindness and can transform into anything! Dora uses this Mononoke’s power to compensate for each other’s weaknesses and wins his first fight.

As I said, nothing really stands out here. And I’m sure you’ve thought of a few mangas with the same premise. However, for the first chapter, it did keep my attention long enough so I’ll be reading more to see where the story goes.

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