VARVARION, a 3D sword fighting action game currently in development was showcased at the Digital Games Expo 2021 show floor, and it still looks just as interesting as the first time we saw it.

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According to Automaton translation of the video:

VARVARION is a 3D sword fighting action game that aims to put players “at the center of playable, anime-styled sword fights” and “balance tactical Fighting game-like skill with the wide variety of combat scenarios found in Action Games.”

Players can control a cast of barbaric, valorous characters, including an orc (Ghaf), male/female warriors (Maxi/Shia), and a half-furry-looking girl (Phur). The game will support “a wide assortment of combat situations, ranging from 1 on 1 duels to group melees.”

Players can use a variety of melee attacks along with guard, jump, and evasive maneuvers to take on enemies. There’s an element of cost management as well, in which the players must manage their character’s life, stamina, and mana during battles. Stamina and Mana increase/decrease depending on the result of your actions. For example, Mana, which is used for activating special moves, can be earned by successfully attacking enemies or evading incoming attacks at the perfect timing.

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