Hmm, with how much we see the Z fighters face off against godlike beings, we often forget the little guys that get caught in the middle. DRAGON BALL: The Breakers brings 7 vs. 1 online multiplayer action in 2022 that lest you”try to survive” Cell, Frieza and Majin B from what we saw!

Caught in an unexpected temporal phenomenon, seven ordinary citizens find themselves stranded in a Temporal Seam: they share their imprisonment with the Raider, a menacing enemy from another timeline with an overwhelming power.

Their only hope for survival is to break out from the Temporal Seam with the Super Time Machine, but the Raider is on their tracks and becomes stronger by the minute.
In a race against time the cunning of Survivors clashes with the power of the Raider, to break free or be broken.

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