Rot is a 2.5D tag-team action adventure that combines exploration and fighting game mechanics. Explore a dying, dark fantasy world warped by powerful personas known as beacons. Fight, survive, save your home, and watch as the world around is changed as the powers of the beacons strengthen or weaken.


Rot brings together the unique combination of a tag/assist style combat system inspired by the tag-team subgenre of fighting games with strategic, methodical combat inspired by the souls series. Players will get to master three powerful heroes with an arsenal of unique combos, abilities, assists, and ultimate attacks. Powerful entities known as beacons exert influence over the world and its inhabitants and as their powers wax or wane, the world is reshaped giving players a dynamic space to explore as they progress through their adventur


  • A stylized dark fantasy world home to a colorful cast of characters, animated to detail and with a dynamic 3D camera breaking from side-scroller norms.
  • A deep fighting-game style combat engine that grows with the player’s skill.
  • Use a mix of hit-cancels, ultra moves, juggles and assists to create your own playstyle and inflict maximum damage.
  • Explore different regions in a metroidvania format, uncovering new pathways and surprises from places once visited.
  • Unearth the world’s mysteries through its inhabitants, their stories, relics of the past, and the main characters’ insights.
  • Powerful and dangerous bosses and enemies alike test your skills and strategy as you delve deeper into your journey.
  • Discover items and equipment to expand your arsenal and increase your effectiveness against challenging foes.
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It’s still in early development but it does look pretty cool!

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