Probably the most interesting take a Hollywood person has made is the association of bad action movies with women leading those movies to turn out bad. If I’m not mistaken, that could also mean that women are bad at making action films, which we all know isn’t true.

You know, is it really impossible that a movie could be bad because the movie itself is bad? This idea that tries to paint the male audience as “hate-mongering” trolls who hate women has honestly gotten out of hand.

Even from the trailer, the FIRST trailer, people were ALREADY skeptical of this movie. It showed signs of problems but many still gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited to see if the full movie would be better. Now we know we were right to be skeptical at least.

Then there’s the fact that half of the movie-goers are women, so if the film’s rating went down that badly, it would suggest that the women audience also didn’t like the movie for what it was. Also if they’d tried to make the argument that the majority of Marvel film-goers are males, then it would only strengthen the argument that has been made for years, which is to say men are the primary audience of comic consumers, which is something Hollywood certainly doesn’t want to do.

Finally, there’s the fact that out of all the people that went and saw the movie, only 10-15% of those people would have cared enough to learn the name of the film’s director before seeing it. Most casual filmgoers usually don’t learn the name of the director until after they’ve seen the movie, so I doubt many of them knew it was a woman that led the charge.

Overall, these people need to learn how to take criticism, it’s getting embarrassing at this point.

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