The Twitch Leak has revealed some very interesting information regarding streamers and their payout! It also sparked a conversation about systematic racism and….tiddy streamers!?

Thanks to the Twitch leak, everyone was able to see what their favorite top 100 streamers are earning in revenue. Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot! And every cent of it is well earned. However, the Twitch leaked also shows that the top 50 earners on Twitch are all white males, which has gotten some people claiming “systematic racism” is being enforced in Twitch. That Twitch algorithm is biasedly favoring white people over other races! White males specifically!

Now, I’ll say that’s not the case at all! That it’s more complicated than some people are willing to admit. If you ask me, I’d say it’s more unconscious racial bias from an individual basis than programmed systematic racism (unless proven with sufficient evidence). The majority of viewers who watch Twitch are white, statistically speaking, so it would naturally be the case that they’d lean towards watching their own that they can relate with. Coupled with the hard work, being likable, and being consistent as a streamer, it’s a recipe for success. That and I would wager that statically, there are more white streamers than non-white, which greatly plays in the favours to have the tope streamers all be white.

I don’t like the narrative being spun by people to go “support non-whites” for the simple fact that they’re non-white. It’s not the best way to go about it in my opinion. Having followership that is only there for you because you’re non-white is not great and can be demoralizing in the long run. That can you can’t force people to watch someone they’re not interested in watching. All you’re doing is generating a potential hate mob for that person.

The reality is that non-whites have a long way to go before they’re able to compete with white people, and by staying consistent, being likable, and working hard, it’s possible to achieve success. There’s no shortcut to it I’m afraid. The only way I can see non-white streamers grow rapidly is for more third-world countries becoming first-world countries, which would tip the balance to non-whites favor because that unconscious racial bias that exists in all of us would play into effect. Or it could backfire and people still watch white streamers. Who knows, but that is the only way for that fast growth. Otherwise, the best you can do is to keep grinding and pave the way for the future streamers to succeed.

In regards, to the tiddy streamers, barely any of them made it to the top 100 at least. This goes to prove that tiddy streamers are NOT stealing views from you! You just aren’t interesting as a streamer! Personally, I don’t condone such types of streams on Twitch, but since Twitch has accommodated them and people keep watching them, then they are here to stay my friends.

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