That’s the question on everyone’s mind. After that amazing Sora reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fans of the series are left wondering if this is the final game in the series. All good things usually have to come to an end, and Super Smash Ultimate is no exception to that rule!

I’m going to be honest here, part of me thinks this is it! As in, this will be Sakurai’s final project with the game itself. The IP itself may continue but let’s be honest, I really don’t see a future for Smash without the man that led the charge all these years. At best, I can see this game getting ported to newer consoles in the future.

I mean, how do you even top something like Super Smash Ultimate? Even if there’s a sequel, there’s no guarantee that the characters revealed during the season pass would return, and who knows what Sakurai had to go through to get Sora in the game. Listen, Sakurai has shown the world that nothing is impossible, that if there’s a will there’s a way but I’m just being realistic. Sora could be a one-time deal by Disney, or maybe not, but the former seems more likely. Truth be told, I’d be content with Ultimate receiving quality of life update throughout the years, fine-tuning it as we go along. There’s just no way we can go back or regress from Ultimate, which makes it that much more difficult to picture a sequel for Ultimate.

That’s just my opinion! I know many are hoping that this isn’t the end, so for now let’s all agree to let Sakurai rest up. He deserves it.

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