I’m sure everyone is giddy about Naruto’s new Baryon Mode. It’s powerful as hell and made Naruto act as if he had Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball Super. However, great power like the Baryon Mode, comes at a great price, and that is Kurama’s life. I’m sorry to say this but our favorite demon fox is truly gone forever. I’ll explain!

You see yes, in prior lore of Naruto, it was explained that tailed beasts often come back after “dying” with their Jinchurikis or otherwise. Essentially, think of it this way, when a tailed beast dies, they turn into gas, and after consolidating for a while they form back into the water. It’s my metaphor to help explain that they are never truly gone conscious-wise and energy-wise. However, this time, that’s not the case.

As Kurama explained in the manga about Nuclear fusion, Baryon Mode is burning away the very essence of chakra and life force of both Naruto and Kurama, with Kurama paying the ultimate price. You see Baryon mode is based on a real-life example. In particle physics, a baryon is a type of composite subatomic particle that contains an odd number of valence quarks, and quarks are a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. They are in everything that exists in the universe.

Without getting too technical, Baryon Mode acts like a nuclear fusion, in which chakra and the life force of the user are merging together to create a new form of energy that’s not chakra, burning away as they serve as a kernel for the other two prior forms of energy.

In short, there’s no vapor for Kurama to come back with this time. His very consciousness, memories, and personality that make Kurama who he is are literally tied to him being living energy made by the Sage of Six Paths, and once that energy is burnt away, he ceases to exist. Therefore even if we used a new charka Tree of Life to bring him back, even if Amado has some asspull way to bring Kurama back, in theory, the Kurama we know is gone for good. Truly dead!

Yeah, sad to say it but it happened so fast, we didn’t even process it. Let me know what you guys think.

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