At first, I thought The Warrior Returns was going to be another cliche isakai webtoon, and I was ready to write it off completely, but it took a turn to the left and surprised me. Maybe it’s been done before and I’ve never encountered it myself, but I never actually thought about what would happen to a hero who comes back from a world he saved, and things just go very wrong for him.

After saving one world, warrior Minsu Kim returns to Earth only to find that he’s lost everything… so he decides to destroy the world he used to call home. In his rampage, he kills teenager Jeongsu Park and his family. But instead of dying normally, Jeongsu is transported to another world, where he finds that he’s now a warrior himself. After killing the demon king of this alternate world and honing his skills as a warrior, Jeongsu returns to earth, hell-bent on revenge against Minsu. As the two warriors fight with the fate of their country in the balance, who will emerge victorious?

I’m going to be honest here, I’m still on the fence here. A hero turned villain going against another hero who went through the exact same thing, thanks to the actions of the first hero seems like a great idea, but how that will be executed is another matter. The art seems fine but since I only have one page to go off, there’s not much to say. If these two are going to have a one vs one throughout the city, both hell-bent on killing each other, then that sounds cool. Although, they’ll need to flesh out Minsu a bit more. Yeah, he lost his parents, but that alone shouldn’t justify killing off your entire city. Maybe if they showed us the hell he had to go through in the other world, that might help explain his actions. Maybe he snapped in the other world and his real world was the only thing keeping him together.

Overall, I’m putting this on my watchlist and will be reading it to see how it all unfolds. It’s a good start to a series.

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