So, I saw Mapollo 3’s PPPPPP Manga show up on my manga app and decided to check it out! I’m still trying to process its unique art style but the story shows promise.

Kuon Otogami was a genius pianist whose name is among the greatest in the annals of the music world. He had seven children who also all became genius pianists. All seven except for the one named Lucky that is. This is the miraculous story of a regular kid taking on godly talent!

In your typical shonen fashion, the kid’s the underdog, who’d dream is to play the piano. The art style is something to get used to but otherwise, I feel like this might be something interesting. Think Food WARS, without the nude scenes, where a person’s music has people seeing all types of crazy stuff. In fact, I think the artstyle actually enhances the vibe you get from reading the manga.

Lucky as a character is someone you instantly feel bad for. All he wants is to play the piano, but because of how bad he is, he caused his parents to get a divorce. Makes you want to root for him.

The manga also goes into the musical knowledge so if you’re a student of music, you may enjoy this a bit more.

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