So, the internet is kind of a buzz about Daniella Pineda and her casting of Faye Valentine. I looked into it, and to be honest, it’s not even a big deal. As in, you guys should have seen this coming a mile away given the climate we’re in and Netflix ( and Hollywood) track record.

What caused the internet to start lashing out is because of Daniella Pineda’s recent video and her outfit doesn’t look like the outfit of her anime counterpart. And that her hair bears no resemblance at all. Daniella Pineda responded to this and I’m going to be honest, her response was very tame, honestly, it had a bit of cheek to it but nothing that warranted all those videos of people claiming that she is “attacking” fans.

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However, I will say that her video didn’t help her case. First of she claims that Faye is 6 foot and has a Double D chest. I can’t verify the chest part but if I’m not mistaken, Faye is 5’6″ in height and Daniella is 5’5″ so her argument kinda falls flat there. In terms of the way she is dressed in the Netflix adaptation, I think people need to accept that Netflix (and Hollywood in general) have no intention to ever allow a female to dress raunchy in this day and age. Yes, you can point to the thousands of cosplays of Faye done right, but they aren’t the ones with a service like Netflix. So if the big doga at Hollywood want a more modest Faye, that’s what they’re gonna get. It’s your choice now whether you want to support this series or not.

I mean let’s be fair here, the MCU outfits weren’t 100% accurate but people got over them eventually. Let see how they’ll portray her. If the Netflix series strays too far from her original personality then yeah sure take out the pitchfork and write their poor reviews, but if they stay fateful then I mean, the casual fans aren’t gonna care if she’s not wearing her anime look. But that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think?

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