Look, I know a lot of you are still disappointed with how they handled the other He-Man series, but let’s keep an open mind with this here! It kinda looks fun! Netflix is releasing a new animated series developed for TV by Robert David (Masters of the Universe: Revelation) which is scheduled to premiere next month.

Mighty teen Adam and his heroic squad of misfits discover the legendary power of Grayskull — and their destiny to defend Eternia from sinister Skeletor.

The voice cast stars Yuri Lowenthal as He-Man/Adam, David Kaye as Cringer/Battle Cat, Grey Griffin as Evelyn, Antony Del Rio as Duncan/Man-at-Arms, Kimberly Brooks as Teela/Sorceress, Trevor Devall as R’Qazz/Beast Man, Judy Alice Lee as Krass/Ram Ma’am, Roger Craig Smith as Kronis/Trap-Jaw/General Dolos, Fred Tatasciore as King Randor/Baddrah, and Ben Diskin as Skeletor.

I know many old fans aren’t going to be happy with this (understandably so), and I get you but this is the direction that they’re heading it seems, and given that this is aimed and kids, those kids won’t really care! And I can’t really lie that it does kinda look like it’s going to be a fun watch for the kids! Anyways, here’s the trailer for you to judge for yourself:

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