I’m sorry but I have to call it! After the leaked image of Vegeta achieving would be a rival form for Ultra Instinct, there are now more screenshots of Vegeta taking an L in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, once again. Now you might be saying, “hold on, we’re still early in this arc, Vegeta might get a chance”, honestly, I doubt it. Vegeta is probably the most frustratingly written character in Dragon Ball Super and a poor example of how NOT to write a side character if I’ve ever seen one.

Yes, it is true that Dragon Ball is and always has been a “Goku show” but that doesn’t mean that the other characters can’t get some shine from time to time. And with the way the manga has been growing Vegeta, every chance the manga has to make Vegeta look good or at least take a solid W, it gets denied. It could have been a great opportunity to give the fans what they’ve wanted for literally years, however, it seems Toriyama and Toyotaro absolutely take a delight in ensuring that Vegeta stays been shat on. And do you know what the worst part about all of this is? I wasn’t even a Vegeta fan when he was first introduced. Over the years after the Buu saga, Vegeta has shown to be one of the better-written characters in terms of character development that I’ve seen in the series, so much so that I naturally became a fan. So to see him never ever winning a fight, especially a fight that makes sense for him to have is damm near absurd.

They could have reversed the trope of Vegeta been used as a measurement of the strength of the enemy with Goku. Think about it, Goku getting clapped would make for a great high stake scenario for us to see how Vegeta of all people could take down this new threat. It’s new and would be refreshing to see it happen. As I said, I’m aware of how early on we still are in this Granolah arc but for the love of God, please let this one catch one bloody W. Just one! You hate to see it, folks, you really do! Pray for Vegeta fans, they must be down bad right about now!

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