BLUE BOX Game Studios, the most infamous studio to have ever graced our gaming space, has captured the minds of Kojima conspiracy theorists. It’s a game company riddled in mystery, conspiracy, and is overall shrouded in darkness. However, if there’s one thing that was very clear from the start, is that it was getting overly-hyped and hopes were too high for the company’s own good!

We’ve seen this happen with No Man’s Sky, and it happening with Cyberpunk 2077! Both ended up massively disappointing their fans, and ultimately destroyed their reputation for years and months to come respectively. The hype for this game Abandandond was insane, ever since it was “hinted” allegedly that it was Silent Hill, the theories went crazy. Yet, BLUE BOX Game Studios made little to honestly no attempts to quell the hype but instead fed off it until it no longer could take another bite, however by that time it was all but too late.

Everyone, from YouTubers to news outlets all picked up on it and decided to try and figure out who or what BLUE BOX Game Studios was all about. Along the way, what was uncovered only further fueled the flames. From odd marketing choices to the director having to show his face, to them deleting their website for an update it was all weird. It got so weird that someone on Reddit by the name of u/TicTacPaul made a whole A Blue Box Game Studios TIMELINE, diving deeper into this company’s background. And honestly, this timeline does not paint a great picture for them.

What makes matters worse is that Kojima & Sony haven’t come out to deny any claims of association when the hype for this game was at its high point. And once that infamous app came out, a 5GB app meant to hype the game up even more, it had a trailer that was already released. That isn’t a good look at all. Abandoned doesn’t live up to this hype, aka turn out to be Silent Hill, then my God, who knows what the gaming space will do.

Oh Abandoned? I should’ve talked about that game first but to summarise: Abandoned is a cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic survival in first-person perspective set in a massive detailed open world environment. It sounds great on paper but so far we’ve seen jack shit of this game. If it is Silent Hills, then this is perhaps one of the greatest marketing plays I’ve ever seen, but it’s not, may the Lord have mercy on these poor silent hill fans because they’re going to go through it, and also on BLUE BOX Game Studios too because they are gonna need it.

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