Ever since the ordeal with Activision Blizzard came in the light, the call for boycott rang louder and louder! I too felt like boycotting was the appropriate move, howeberr, I’ve been hearing that Blizzard employees feel that boycotting is not going to work and actually hurts them more.

I hate to say it but boycotting doesn’t always solve all problems within this industry. Yes, we are all aware of what is happening at Activision Blizzard, but to think that this has been going on for years is unfortunate, not to mention it happens in every game company right now as we speak. Boycotting may affect their reputation and/or salr in the short term but in the grand scheme of things, changes nothing from the toxic culture that has been created by the higher up.

In fact, given the current climate, many people likely can’t afford to lose their job, others are seeking other opportunities if possible while the rest are putting up a fight to change Blizzard. So going on a boycott may actually hurt workers rather than the culprit at hand. It’s sad to say this but that is the reality. I mean Blizzard has announced that J. Allen Brack is leaving his position as the president of the studio, which is great but it’s just a small step. And some may even say he kinda got away with it to some extent. The best course of action is to listen to what the employees want people to do!

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