So I got a chance to try the Back 4 Blood Beta, and usually, I don’t play these types of games (tried Left 4 Dead a while back but never got into it) however playing Back 4 Blood Beta it was kinda fun!

Uusally games like these rely on friends to make it fun, so I though well, what if I didn’t have anyone to play Back 4 Blood in any given moment, would I still be able to play it solo and enjoy it? Truth be told, yeah! I think what made it fun was the gunplay. Every gun felt different and had a satisfactory feel to it! And that, added with the different enemy types available (although I would like to see more types of zombies to be honest) it was fun.

I played it on PC, but you can also play with other people from different console thanks to cross-play! It ran great for the most part, animation wasn’t something to scuff about but given that these types of games aren’t known for that I guess I’ll look past that for now. Another Back 4 Blood feature is the card system. When you pick a character, you’ll also be given the option to choose a deck of aggressive, defensive and supporting powers. All of these offer various small boosts like shooting, healing and stamina regeneration. This allows you to customise you playstyle. I had fun trying out all the card combinations to see what works. The may give you a slight boost, but it’s enuogh to make the difference between you living or you dying by a zombie hord.

Aside from that, the campaign was fun but it left me wondering if they’ll be more dialogue, more interaction to help us learn more about these characters. However, there’s just one thing nagging me, and that is will this be enough? I mean there’s a dozen co-op games available that Back 4 Blood will have to compete, will this game have what it takes to compete in today’s back? I guess we just have to wait and see!

Overall, I had fun! I hope there’s more when the game drops!

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