If you’re someone who is anywhere near comic, manga, anime, and anything fictional, you would have noticed this odd trend of people trying to “correct” designs in fiction that have healthy, fit women, into what they call “realistic women body types”! See, the very act itself goes against their ideal of body positivity and in fact body shames any women who decided to take care of themselves and exercise. It feels like they’re trying to make these women feel bad for their bodies and healthy habit.

This has been going on for years now. More and more women in media are losing their feminine proportion in favour of, well other body types. Overweight body type, masculine body types, and ambiguous body types. All of them have smaller to none existing boobs, and sometimes a strong jawline. With all that been said, there’s actually nothing wrong with any of these body types. These women exist. I’m sure there are women out there who have these features and would like to see themselves represented. My problem is calling them “realistic women body types”, which implies that the other body type, the hour figure, fit, and usually larger breast types aren’t real or dare I say “ideal”.

The women who are fit, healthy, feminine in proportion, and maybe have a larger set of boobs are suddenly unrealistic, (not counting people who have gone under the knife). It’s in a way, shaming women who are either blessed in their own way or take care of themselves. I’m only talking about this because Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation is being praised by Twitter for having more “realistic” female body types. However, looking into it the original Filmation series, they used rotoscoping of actual female athletes. So clearly there is an agenda to body shame biologically accurate women.

In my opinion, the phrase “realistic” is kinda loaded and carries a kinda toxic weight behind it. So, does that mean that if someone draws lets say Aqua from Konosuba, her body is now “unrealistic” because she’s not fat or unusual buff? The thing is, both are realistic body types, within the boundary of logic and reasoning! Yeah, there are fat women ( a lot more these days in the west), and there are women who are fit. Both can exist, handled well without trying to make one the norm. Although if you ask me, we should all be striving to at least stay healthy.

Let me put it to you this way, in certain parts of Asia and Africa, women there are usually in good shape (for better or worse), they are not as overweight as their western women counterparts. Does that mean those Asian and African women in their respective continents do not have realistic body types? In an odd twist of things, what was meant to be a movement for inclusive to women of all body types, has become a way to shame people into not drawing women of a more feminine and refined way. It’s ironically toxic in its own way.

I mean have you seen the body types for men, it’s abusrd yet we don’t complain for the mostpart. They got fat people, stupidly buff dudes and skinny dudes all in co-existence! So we can do the same for women.

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