See, this is why Digimon sometimes is based, in its own weird kinda way. They made cancel culture an actual villain!

So if you haven’t heard, the “DigiFes 2021” event took place on Sunday that featured a 20th-anniversary stage show for Digimon Tamers, the third Digimon series. The show included a live script-reading play, with an original story serving as a sequel to Digimon Tamers set in the modern-day. It featured a number of politically charged phrases, including “political correctness” and “cancel culture.”

This isn’t anything new for Digimon at least as the show has touched on many types of topics in the past! I just didn’t think they’d make cancel culture the villain of the play! In the play, the Tamers are reunited to fight against a new villain, which takes the form of “Political Correctness,” which threatens the real and digital worlds. Bruh, that every ballsy of them to do so in this day and age, but given that this is in Japan, it won’t pick up steam in the Western world for a while, if ever. I mean you know what will happen if that certain group of people hears about this, they’ll likely lose it.

According to ANN:

Chief officer Yamaki dramatically describes it as “the greatest problem facing the internet and media” because it forces people to “conform to a single values system” and “censors real news to replace them with fake news.” Although the Tamers are initially nonplussed by Yamaki’s breathless call to action, they are shaken when “Political Correctness” takes on a physical form and launches into attack.

So yeah, I guess even the Japanese are concerned with the method of how to cancel culture is happening in the west, and are starting to see its effect creep up around the world. Like, cancel culture is fine when it happens to pedos and other irredeemable acts but it is clear that it’s affecting people’s freedom to express themselves and their opinion. For me, I feel all opinions should be heard but are not free from criticisms. You can have your opinions but be prepared to have them challenged.

It is true however that Yamaki, according to the report by AnimeNewsNetwork did bring up the fact that the man is into conspiracy theories. Not sure why that was brought up in the article but I thought I’d let you know too. I guess he has his own take on 9/11 and the whole Covid-19 thing. Do with this information as you will.

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