Alright, back at it again with another manga/webtoon first impression. This time we’re checking out Warden, a webtoon manga that combines Monster Hunter with Dragon Ball aesthetic!

“In a world full of monsters and dreadful creatures, humankind has been forced to hide and live in small secluded villages, but not all hope is lost, there are those able to face and defeat these beasts. Tyrnar is a young monster slayer that bears the mark of the Warden. Travelling all alone from village to village, he’ll meet new friends and face terrible foes, all while learning more about his mysterious powers.”

I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of this Webtoon. You can tell that this guy was heavily inspired by Dragon Ball and doesn’t shy away from it. Although the chapters come out every few months, due to Guillem Dauden, the creator doing this all by himself, it may not be to everyone’s liking if you’re used to weekly or monthly manga but I feel the wait is worth it if the quality stays consistent. I like the character of Tyrnar and even the guy Cota and his humorous yet sly personality. The power mechanic of a Warden who absorbs the power of the monster they slay is a pretty interesting one for sure, added to the fact that his whole Warden webtoon is inspired by Dragon Ball fights makes a fun read overall. There are five chapters out now if you’d like to check it out here!

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