I want to talk Manga and Comic books comparison again. Two years ago I wrote ” Here’s Why Manga Is Perceived To Be Superior Than Comic Books As Of Late, talking about why I think Manga is doing better than Comics. Now, I want to dive deeper and elaborate further on why I truly believe why Manga is better than Comics these days!

As I said, I’ve already talked about it in a previous blog, so I’ll cut right to the chase, it’s easier to get into manga! Yep, that’s it! It’s the final piece that ties it all together. Let me ask you this, if I said “Aye bro, you gotta check out this Batman comics, it’s wild right now“, and you’ve never read a comic book in your life it’s a problem. When you go to google it to find a Batman comic, you’ll be met with an array of different issues of Batman, to the point where you’ll feel overwhelmed and decided to give up. Veteran comic fans at that point would have asked you which issue and title, but the average guy likely wouldn’t have thought up that question. This is the single reason, and I would argue, the main reason why it’s quite difficult to get new readers to join the space.

The same question but now I say “Aye bro, you gotta check out this Demon Slayer manga, it’s wild right now”! All you gotta do now is google “Demon Slayer” and boom, there it is, with a linear path to follow and easy to pick up. That’s it. Everything I said in my previous blog still holds true today, but this added factor is why manga is doing better. Creativity and simplicity are being rewarded. There are a hundred versions of Superman (yes we have one canon superman but you get what I mean comic-wise) but there’s only one Goku! It’s easier to follow Goku today than it is to follow what Superman is doing right now. Goku’s powers and life experience are all there and easy to digest, Superman’s get retconned every new issue. Remember New 52 Superman? Nah he’s gone!

That’s it, Marvel and DC will have to bite the bullet and start making NEW stuff and take that risk otherwise, they’re really going to be ancient history.

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