Netflix Director Ted Biaselli revealed why the Masters of the Universe: Revelations team had race-swapped King Grayskull and Andra. It’s funny, I’ve talked about this for a while now, and I mean damm, if this doesn’t highlight what they think about creating representation, I don’t know what will spur you to take matters into your own hands.

Again, let me be clear. I have no skin in this game. All I remember is watching He-man a dozen times as a kid. I barely know anything about this series. However, man oh man this one here is something else. As you know, Hollywood is hellbent on race-bending characters, fiction or nonfiction. It’s their mission to mess with any canonical character they are able to mess with. At this point, I have made the conscious decision to ignore anything that insults my integrity. However, now it’s just getting comical at this point. King Grayskull, the ancestor of He-Man, was turned black. I repeat, King Grayskull a white man with blonde hair, the ancestor of He-man, a white man with blonde hair, was turned black. Common sense went out the window on a one-way trip to stupidville. Oh, but that’s not the icing on the cake my online friend, the icing is the reason for it. Behold, the most lowkey racist shit once uttered in halls of Hollywood, now repacked as “championing for diversity:

Yes, for those of you who chose not to read that (for some reason), to boil it down they do not want to put in the effort to create a new character that could easily be rejected. I mean, you can’t make this shit up my guy/gal. Look, let me make this easy for you Hollywood folks. You don’t have to add in a Black (or other) character if the narrative does not call for it. It’s fine. I’d rather that than this patronizing, insulting excuse. I mean now, if you call them out on it, you’re either a racist if white, or an ungrateful black person dancing for the white man. You really can’t win! This is just sad!

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