The Hunters Guild: Red Hood, a new shonen jump manga dropped yesterday and since I’m in such a reading mood (well that and there’s not much else to discuss) I figured I’d give it a shot. Also, the art for the cover looked intriguing. I mean, can you blame me, the author worked as an assistant to Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia after all.

Apparently, this manga won the 14th Gold Future Cup rookie manga competition and is now launching as a full series of its own so there’s some promise here! The premise of this story is simple, nothing new. A kid by the name of Velou, wants to be a Hunter that, well hunts down monsters. By chance, he runs into a small (or big) hunter girl called Grimm, whose hunter guild called….well Hunter’s Guild, charge people to kill monster.

OK, so far the story doesn’t seem all that unique, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. However, what made me decided to give this manga a chance is partially the twisted interpretation of the classical Fary tale stories, mixed in with the unique designs for the monsters. The other reason why I willing to give this manga a chance is because they’re making the whole killing monster thing a job, like The Witcher, which would mean that we should see moments where these Hunter will ignore villages in peril if they’re not paid. Marketed as a grim fantasy tale with tons of style, this will likely lead to a conflict with the main protagonist and I’m interested in seeing how the author will handle that. Not to mention that the art style has that My Hero vibe to it, but fantasized.

There’s only one chapter out right now but it did a good job in setting up the world, I’m looking forward to seeing where The Hunters Guild: Red Hood Manga will lead us next and all the fantastical monster reimagined that will come along with it.

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