So, today I want to highlight a brand new manga story called “Crazy Food Truck (クレイジーフードトラック)” that came out very recently. If you enjoy Breaking Bad, without the meth and serious, the crazy outlands vibes of Mad Max and overall feel-good energy you get from eaten food then you may want to check this one out.

Gordon is an unsociable middle-aged man driving his food truck through a world buried in sand. One day, he meets a girl named Arisa sleeping stark naked in the middle of the desert. While Arisa wolfs down any and all food she can fit in her mouth, a mysterious armed group seems to be pursuing her, too.

There are about seven-chapter outright and each one is crazier than the last. Gordon, likely inspired by a combination of Gordon Ramsey and Heisenberg from Breaking Bad seems like a rather chill guy, but what surprised me is how he’s never fazed by Arisa’s casual nude moments. Oh, yeah there’s crazy fan service here but I’ll admit, they were not crazy to the point of ruining the manga and I hope it’s explained why she does what she does. The world is interesting enough, with crazy out-of-this-world moments like flying fishes and giant squids, so I’m assuming it’s based in the far distant future but the core of this manga is the interaction between Gordon and Arisa, it’s kinda wholesome in a way.

The narrative has a promising start, with a duo that seemingly unfit for one another, yet do well together in this world of mayhem.

It’s too soon to tell where this story will go but it’s worth keeping an eye out for!

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