It seems more and more people are once again beginning to discuss the state of the live-streaming platform called Twitch as certain streamers are once again pushing the boundaries of what can and cannot be streamed online.

Yes, the image above comes from a Twitch Livestream. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that I took a screenshot from an R-rated chat room. And yes, the young lady here is indeed sucking on the mic and making questionable sounds. You can use your imagination here. I talked about this a while ago about how this will not end well for Twitch if Twitch doesn’t stop being a mega simp cuck and actually take their platform seriously. Because you can be mad at all these girls all you want, but let’s not forget the sad simps that support and encourage this types of behavior and Twitch for enabling it with the weak enforcement of their policies.

I mean people are speaking up like the young lady in the Twitter video, but reading the replies, people are still defending these girls so I’m going to wait until a young kid gets exposed to this, their parent finds out and files a complaint, or worse adolescent girls decides she wants in on the fun. Sure, they got banned, but you know how this works. They’ll be back and continuing to push the boundaries. It’s actually funny. As soon as Twitch gave them their own section, they went to another, spreading like a virus. And these pathetic simps and coomers followed them like mindless drones.

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