Sands of Aura is an open-world action-adventure with a fantasy setting of a realm in its twilight–a world buried beneath a sea of sand. It looks good and I got a chance to preview the game during E3! Think Dark Souls but asymmetrical and a whole lot of customization.

I got to play the demo of Sands of Aura and I did enjoy my time with the game. Though early in its development process, it holds potential. The demo that I got to play, which had enough resources to create what I needed, I tried out the weapon creation mechanic. In this, you are able to a variety of weapons, with the dev claiming that Sands of Aura will boast nearly thousands of possible weapon combinations. If you’ve played Dark Souls, then you’ll be familiar with how exploration works in the game. You talk to specific NPC, explore, kills mobs, and find new paths to progress further. The preview I saw showed off the crazy types of build you can create, from a mace that can create shockwave upon impact, to daggers that will burst out mini daggers when crit, no to players will have the same build. And I haven’t even mentioned the armor upgrades and skill trees that are in the game.

The dev promised that the bosses in this game will be very challenging but rewarding which seems to be the case during my playthrough. This game is worth keeping an eye out for!


A ruinous cataclysm unleashed by a tormented god descended the world of Talamhel into perpetual night. The hourglass of time was shattered and its essence poured across the land, creating an endless sea of sand. The once-flourishing world of Talamhel became a putrid lesion of its former glory and those who called it home are now husks of corruption–violent, undying, unyielding soldiers of death.

But Talamhel is not lost–not yet. For generations, the righteous few have endured. You are one of those few.

On the eve of your induction into the Order of Remnant Knights, the last protectors of man, Talamhel is once-again wracked by calamity. The corruptive nature of the Night Plague has mutated, and the realm of man needs the Remnant Knights more than ever.

Track down the emergent evil and destroy it. Protect the realm of man.

From the helm of your nimble grainwake, carve across the perilous sandseas to confront the source of this newfound terror, but don’t expect a guiding light or a red X on a map. You’ll chart your own course forward–behold the open seas, and choose the heading you best see fit.

But familiarity is a far-flung concept aboard the grainwake–the shifting sands are always changing, revealing secrets, dangers, and paths unseen. Things are not as they seem…

  • Talamhel is an open world, free to explore and discover as you please
  • Every island is a unique, colorful encounter of combat, lore, and plunder
  • With tiered levels of difficulty, locations offer challenges that will reward those who overcome
  • With a trusted (undead) companion rested in the crow’s nest, you’ll never sail the seas alone

The corruption that plagues Talamhel has created a horde comprised of both man and other Talamhelic natives: The venerable Ferrum and the insectoid, hive-minded Hashara. Once warring nations have become an abominable army of undying malice.

From doomsday cultists to fallen kings, the foes that guard the answers you seek are determined to see your end. Prepare for an unrelenting, unforgiving combat experience not to be taken lightly. Swing true, dear knight, swing true.

With hundreds of weapon components to be reclaimed from the crumbled remains of civilization, there are thousands of unique weapons to be forged. Find the hilt that fits just right.

  • Cleave through the corruption with 7 distinct fighting styles
  • Bolster yourself with dozens of armor sets, each with their own unique defenses
  • Combine and modify your devastation with magical augments, creating a personalized build

Starspire is the sanctuary that you call home, and its doors remain open to those you deem worthy of its hearth. Along your journey, you will encounter refugees in need of shelter and a Remnant Knight can see they find it in Starspire.

Each person deserving of Starspire will make their new home stronger and safer, but not all are deserving.

Working as an optional companion to core gameplay, Starspire offers an opportunity to test your Remnant traits of leadership and judgment. The choices you make regarding Starspire’s residents will alter your story and affect your fate, as well as the fate of others–but only if you choose to make those choices.

  • New Starspire residents unlock perks like gifts of exclusive equipment and unique services
  • Discover the lives of others, their choices, and actions, and decide their fate
  • Engage with characters unlike any you’ve ever met, and rebuild a community
  • Decisions not easily made: become familiar with the grey area between right and wrong

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