With news being slow today, and seeing as I got nothing vital to discuss I figured I’ll highlight another webcomic/manga that I stumbled across called “Ghostblade”, a stunningly beautiful webcomic manga about the war between humans and angels!

Long, long ago in Neraland, the pious human built a great tower to show the respect to their goddessm Nera.
Goddess Nera was deeply moved by human piety; to reward them, she opened a door at the top of the tower. This ethereal door connected to another world; it was known as—Heaven Eye.

The visual in this Ghostblade is pretty amazing actually. It’s like concept art used to detail a story. It definitely has that Chinese aesthetic to it with its character and all the usual tropes that come with it. I don’t usually see webcomic of this level of quality available for free on Webtoons or Tapas, but Ghostblade breaks that mold. Heck, even my own comic pales in comparison. The story is interesting enough, hard to tell where it’s going but it’s compelling enough to grab my attention to keep reading, plus I always enjoyed a story that involves angels and demons to some degree.

Check out Ghostblade and see if it’s something that’s up your alley. Also, we’re looking for the next manga/webcomic/ to spotlight and check out. If you’re reading something that you feel others might want to check out, tag on social media!

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