I just stumbled upon a very intersting manga called Last Order: Hitori Bocchi no Hyakunen Sensou that follows a lone humanoid robot called Ria. If you’re a fan of stories Nier Automata, then you might be interested in this manga as it gets pretty dark sometimes, which I liked.

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A post-apocalyptic world. Following her last order, the mechanical soldier Ria has been fighting an endless war for over a hundred years. With the people she was meant to protect gone, and her comrades-in-arms lost, Ria spends her days fighting alone. Then, a human appears before her once more..!?

I won’t lie, the first half of the manga got me. I thought this was going to be one of those cafe cliche stories of an awkward android trying to be human, but man did it get dark quick. Following Ria as she’s having flashbacks of her past actually made me sad. Especially knowing that she’s been carrying out an order for over 200 years, all by herself. Like, it took just a few panels to make me care for her already which’s impressive in my book. The world is pretty interesting, it’s similar to something like Horizon Zero Dawn, but anime which is dope.

It’s pretty dark-themed so I don’t think it would be for everyone but if you’re into that kind of stuff then, Last Order: Hitori Bocchi no Hyakunen Sensou might be worth checking out!

There are five chapters out now and so far it’s good, I’m looking forward to seeing how the story plays out. Oh, and I have to say the art in this manga is pretty good! There’s just one slight problem, be prepared to wait months for translation.

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