Experience traditional fantasy at its best and take part in “The Most Beautiful Battle in the World” according to Cygames’ latest game “GAMM”!

There’s barely any information on this game, other than what Gematsu provided, but it’s still something, which gives us an idea of what we can expect:

  • You can fight in flashy and exciting player-versus-player action battles.
  • The game is set in a world of magic and machines—and the machines are powered by magic.
  • The protagonist may possibly be a young mage.
  • There is also a maid, a robot, and a knight. Almost everyone is playable and plays a central role.
  • Multiplayer is at the game’s core.

Project GAMM is a completely original action game for consoles created by Cygames, a company committed to providing the best in entertainment. This brand-new title is a fantasy set in a mystical world of sun and rain, where mages and their magic collide. There’s no word on whether it’s coming to PC, but I’m quite sure it will show up. I’m more interested in the PvP aspect, seeing how amazing the game looks, it’s sure to have a dope power system. I look forward to seeing more about this game and see if it lives up to its claim!

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