I saw this image online a few days ago and thought that it looked cool. All the power types superheroes inspired by the O.G. that is Superman. However, as I kept admiring the image, I slowly started to get annoyed by the image. Why? It was such a cool collage. I remembered something, I remembered that Hollywood (or whoever gives the greenlight over there) was able to fund various unknown IP, and give them a chance! They took a risk, and it paid off as these characters and their respective shows told a really cool story! They invested in what could have otherwise failed. So why the fuck are we getting a Black Clark Kent/ Black Superman, if these people know there’s a demand for diversity?

The more I looked at this image the more furious I got thinking about that stupid Black Superman movie! You mean to tell me that all the Black characters created over the span of decades, you couldn’t pluck one out and find a great writer to bring it to life as a TV show or a movie? Yeah, I know we got Black Lightning, but that’s run by CW and we all know they don’t have a great track record when it comes to great shows! What makes or breaks a show is the dedication of the writers and the funding that projects get! Luke Cage, Black Panther, and Static Shock (cartoon) prove that with a good director, creator, and writer, it can be done. So why the fuck are we getting lazy ass blackwashing that NOBODY ASKED FOR?

Again I ask, why in good gracious are we getting a Black Clark Kent? If you need another Superman archetype, I got you! Try Blue Marvel! Or, or mix it up and give Static Shock a chance, use Bishop and explore an alternate version of earth where mutants are hunted on some survival horror shit! Give Storm the respect she deserves and explores her origin. Or try something really new and give the kids Moon Girl! Jesus, there’s Nubia, you could explore the dark side of the Amazonian mythology and show what an Amazonian raised under Ares can do!

We’re not even asking you to create anything, just fund the IP that already has a good history and proven track record and expand on it! Nah, I’m saying it, this is intentional! They are purposely doing this, but to what extent why I don’t know! It boggles the mind that Warner Bros. has so many unused IP, years of history and legacy, and consciously said “let’s make superman black”! I can’t get over that!

So I saying, creativity, originality & The willingness to take a risk in Hollywood seems possible…if your race checks out!

Yeah, I said it! I mean how else can you explain what is happening in Hollywood! Look, let me be clear, I am not demanding for more diversity, truth be told anime and manga is doing a better job at that, webcomic and webtoons are doing a better job at that, all I’m saying is that if they’re going to wave that damm flag to virtue signal, THEN MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

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