If you’re like me and tuned into the Sonic Central, you may have left the event underwhelmed. Well, if leaks are to be believed, then maybe this new Sonic game might be worth the wait.

So, according to a leak 4chan that showed up in January, the leak described what seems to be a new Sonic game called “Sonic Rangers”, which has what I think is an Adventure style open world, with an instance-based cyberspace “unleashed style” gameplay. Basically, the best of both worlds, which allows the gameplay loop to stay fresh!

Now, there are some concerning aspects to this leak that the alleged tester mentioned but given that his job was to test the game, let’s hope he gave adequate feedback that will steer the game in the right direction! So what do you guys think? Is this info worth getting hype over, let me know. Oh, and I always made a video expressing my thoughts below!

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