I’m not going to lie, I’ve only briefly seen clips here and there about Berserk, always wanting to give it a shot but never actually doing it. However, what I was surprised by is how many lives, and how influential Berserk manga creator, Kentaro Miura was to the industry and to the fans! I have never seen so much devotion for a work of fiction ever, and it’s compelled me to learn more about this series and what it is that makes it special.

Berserk manga creator, Kentaro Miura had passed away at the age of 54 of an acute aortic dissection, his publisher announced. It’s a tough blow to many who wanted to see his work completed. Berserk is one of the most influential mangas of all time, and I’m learning that every day since his passing. From fans of Final Fantasy paying tribute to him with the Dark Knight class to the endless fan art done of the main character and his world, in a video game such as Castlevania and the Dark Souls franchise, and the entire dark-fantasy aesthetics and general world designs, it’s amazing to think that this manga did so much for this space!

I’m honestly in awe when I started to see the dedicated and touched hearts of the fans, and even greater in awe once I started looking that the source material and seeing the level of detail to his work. It honestly does sadden me that he couldn’t finish his work and maybe this will shed a light on the tough environment of being a mangaka in an extremely taxing industry such as Manga! I didn’t want to rush and just post anything as I wasn’t sure if I should speak on this matter as someone not familiar with his work. However, finding out about his work’s legacy and how I’d enjoyed the inspirations that came from his work, an example being Black Clover, I had to say something. So forgive me for being late on this!

All I can say is Rest in Peace Kentaro Miura, and thank you for sharing your vision and gift with the world!

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