Look, I like anime as much as the next guy and would want nothing more but to see them come in waves, however not at the cost of a human’s well-being! With the recent news (which likely wasn’t recent but that’s when we heard of it) of an animator from MAPPA that has left due to poor work conditions, while MAPPA adds two new projects, this has to be spotlighted!

An animator from MAPPA has gone to his Twitter to voice his grief with MAPPA poor working condition. Thanks to AnimeSenpai, we got the translation:

I don’t know why I worked hard to join the company, I don’t know why some of the employees were sprinkled outside or stray. Work week, after work week, after work week, after work week. Would you like to fix it until morning? ?? One of the reasons I decided to quit.

いや本当これなんですよ、何のために頑張って会社入ったのか分からなくなったんよな、なんで社員のうちらが外で撒いた海外なのか野良なのか分からん汚ねぇ原画動画を毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週毎週朝まで直さないかんの??って辞めようと思ったきっかけの一つ。— MUSHIYO (@Mushiyo07) May 14, 2021

In a follow up tweet, Mushiyo said:

Still, it would be nice if we could focus on developing original drawings in the company, but of course we couldn’t afford that time. Well, if you do 4 works at once, you don’t have time to teach

それでいて社内の原画育成に力が入るならいいけどもちろんそんな時間も余裕もなく…。だってねぇまぁ一度に4作品同時進行とかしてたらそりゃ教える暇ないよね www— MUSHIYO (@Mushiyo07) May 14, 2021

Situation escalated when some users tried to defend Mappa studio, saying that Mushiyo has simply been transferred to another project and he is not leaving Mappa. To confirm this, a user directly asked the animator whether he is leaving Mappa or not? To this Mushiyo replied that he is leaving Mappa and it was a mistake (to work with Mappa)!

So yeah, it’s great that they’re getting all these big named anime, however, with how notorious work life is in Japan this has to be kept in consideration! If they’re well-staffed then fine but if not, this could lead to a major health problem.

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